The Living is For Everyone (LIFE) framework, a project of Australian Government Department of Health, indicates that suicide prevention is a shared responsibility across the community including families and friends, professional groups, government and non-government agencies.

By bringing together key members of the community who are dedicated to suicide prevention, we help community members to take ownership of the issue and work towards real solutions to address the problem of suicide in their region.

Community engagement and a local level helps us drive our actions and activities with working and collaborating with Lived Experience. The Network is comprised of members who identify as Lived Experienced and those who have an interest in supporting those

LifeSpan from the Black Dog Institute involves the implementation of nine evidence-based strategies simultaneously within a localised area. For each strategy, LifeSpan selects and implements the interventions or programs that have the strongest evidence base.

These strategies are based on the most up-to-date evidence drawn from similar, large-scale suicide prevention programs overseas that have shown positive results.