The CQ Community Suicide Prevention Inc. is an organisation which is comprised of people in our community who have a desire to reduce the rates of suicide in our region. Our vision is that we live in a resilient, connect, empowered and life enhancing community.


Throughout the year, the CQCSPN Inc. aims to deliver and promote free suicide prevention training within the Rockhampton Region. Where there is resources available, CQCSPN Inc. will also provide and promote education and training in the Central Queensland region. Free training is often delivered in partnership and collaboration with other agencies and services in the community.

Reflection Space

The local Rockhampton Regional Council donated land to those in the community who have been bereaved by suicide. People are welcome to go to this site to think, reflect and gather their thoughts. If you would like more information about this space, please check out OurReflection Space.

Health Promotion

Throughout the year, the Central Queensland Suicide Prevention Network will work with other organisations in the community to deliver information about the Network. This will be done through Health Promotion awareness activities or informally by meeting others in the community.

Service Finder Cards

Over the years, CQCSPN Inc. has provided thousands of Service Finder Cards to organisations and people within the Central Queensland region. These cards are wallet size and have information of various support services in the community. You can find them in the download section.